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Restaurant "GACKA DOLINA"


Visiting the Lika region and touring of its natural heritage, is in the smallest degree incomplete, if you miss this occasion to taste the local dishes of famous Lika kitchen! Mountain climate and clean air stimulate increased appetite, and enjoying in nature of Lika region will be best complemented with delicious, homemade meals from Lika, prepared in our restaurant. Restaurant VALLEY of GACKA is located in the village of Žuta Lokva at the crossroad of the road towards sea, and the road towards continental Croatia. If you want to visit the National Park "Plitvice Lakes" and "North Velebit", or if you are tired of driving the highway Zagreb-Split and you want to stop to rest and refresh yourself, our friendly staff will meet with a diverse range of traditional dishes of local cuisine. With regard to our range and capacity, we are to serve as a starting point when sightseeing Like, and thank in advance all the guides and drivers who visit us with guests. For tourist guides, bus drivers and organizers of the trips we offer free food and drink consumption at its option, with a mandatory 12 hours before the announcement.

THE VALLEY OF GACKA RIVER - Plitvice Lakes, Kapela, Velebit

Between the mountains of Velebit and Kapela to Plitvice Lakes national park, extends a rare oasis of untouched nature, the Gacka river Valley, through which flows the beautiful underground river Gacka. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Gacka Valley today is the opposite of the modern pace of life. Beautiful landscape of nature is carved at the end of the last ice age, and to provide evidence for a number of caves formed as a result of melting glaciers. Wooden houses in pure nature, scattered in villages along the river Gacka are evidence of a balanced union of people and nature, and visiting the Valley of Gacka reminiscent of machine travel. Forests that stretch down the surrounding slopes of mountains Velebit and Kapela, inhabited by many wild animals, the entire region is extremely interesting for hunters. In addition to the ruler of Lika region forests, the brown bear, lives there still many wild pigs, deers, wolves, lynxes, rabbits, wild cats, grouses, mouflons, chamoises ..... Gacka river, which rises at the root of the Velebit Mountains, winds from the south of Gacka Valley, and northwest toward Otočac, is certainly the best known outside of the Croatian state, for unusually rapid growth of brown trouts that dwell therein. Ultra-rich biomass of Gacka river or a large density of organisms that represent a natural brown trout food, and very good water quality and favorable flow characteristics of Gacka river, result in numerous instances of capital trouts. In addition to hunters and fishermen, Valley of Gacka is also interesting to mountaineers, speleologists, lovers of antiques and rural tourism ..... and other nature lovers.

PLITVICE LAKES - Nacionalni park, Plitvice

Just like the valley of Gacka, Plitvice Lakes National Park offers the enjoyment of natural beauty during all seasons. Sixteen torquise-coloured lakes, with their waterfalls and cascades, leave visitors breathless with its beauty. Plitvice together with the surrounding area was declared a national park in 1949. year, and since then every day attracts many tourists from all over the world. Across the national park runs the train, and observe of the natural wonders of Plitvice Lakes, you can also by sailing on a boat, which is due to nature conservation in the electric drive. An exceptionally rich flora and fauna is pointed out by some endemic species and the entire county is the unavoidable destination for many hunters and fishermen. Besides sightseeing, in the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes you can enjoy in many other ways, such as hiking on the slopes of mountains Pljesivica and Mala Kapela, or skiing in the ski resort in Mukinje.

If you visit us once, you would wish to stay forever!


Medjugorje is a sanctuary, located 27 kilometers from Mostar, famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which first appeared to the children 24.06.1981. in a place that has since called Apparition Hill, and to some of the visionarys, the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to date. Annual visits to Medjugorje million Catholics, who throughout the year make pilgrimages to Medjugorje from around the world, and has become one of the greatest Marian sanctuaries in the world. Every year on the anniversary of the apparitions, 25.06. in Medjugorje gather more than 100,000 Catholics from around the world. On the way to Medjugorje, many pilgrims stop by the restaurant 'Gacka Valley' at the refreshment .... You could come to visit us also!